MAT Soft Inc. was founded in 2001 through a buyout of
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A lot of employers claim to offer prospects a chance to work in a pleasant environment on challenging projects. However, few can match the variety of projects we offer at MAT Soft Inc.


If you want to apply your design, architecture and programming skills to a wide range of interesting projects, and have experience with Java? C++, popular relational databases, CORBA and/or DCOMTM/MTSTM, join us at MAT Soft Inc.


Current Opening:


System Designer


Leading a team of object designers who translate functional and technical requirements into a visual specification of the system within the constraints specified in the architecture. For small projects, a senior object designer should be able to produce the visual specification alone.

Functional and technical requirements describe what a system should do and how well the system should do what it does. Architecture is an attempt to solve and satisfy these requirements at a higher level, giving constraints to an object designer, who then translates the architecture into visual details such that it serves as a blue print for developers to code against. A senior object designer leads a team of object designers.

- Balancing work load of team members
- Reviewing requirements, architecture, and database design and giving feedback to ensure the appropriateness of them
- Knowledge transferring to database designer and developers of the object design, along with business analysts and architect
- Controlling versions of designs

Supervisory responsibilities
- Leading a team of object designers
- Knowledge transfer to team members

Skills necessary for the position
- Language - competent understanding of C++, Java, ASP, HTML, SQL
- Tiers - competent understanding of web browser, web server, application server, database, and object-relational mapping
- Design - competent understanding of UML
- Business analysis - understanding of functional and technical requirements and architectural constraints

Experience necessary for the position
- Must have designed logic for user interface and business logic for a system using UML
- Must have used UML patterns
- Must have participated in coding of a n-tier system, desirably business logic tier
- Must have competent knowledge on requirements and architecture
- Usually have 3+ years of UML design experience. Must have 1+ year of UML design experience.

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