MAT Soft Inc. was founded in 2001 through a buyout of
a software business unit of a global high tech giant in Japan....


MAT Inc was originally founded through an acquisition of a software division of large Japanese corporation in 2001. Mr. Shawn Kim, a former director of the Japanese corporation, together with two other most prominent technologists in the industry, founded MAT Inc. with their own seed investment and acquired the most advanced Java mobile agent technology products. Then, the company immediately marketed its agent based EAI solution, connectAgent and Cascadia, to large customers like Verizon, Northrop Grumman, HP, and NTT America. The management team continued to focus on the market and sales instead of looking for a third party investment. The company continued to grow in 2002 by adding more customers, but the management team decided to infuse new pool of talents to focus more on new and emerging needs within its EAI market space. Instead of raising capital from outside investors, the company acquired a small software technology company in Boston and its talented people in 2002.


Mr. Shawn Kim currently serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to forming MAT Inc., Mr. Kim served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Transnational Computer Technology, Inc., a leading DSMS (depot service management system) vendor in El Segundo, California. Mr. Kim was also founder and President of SolutionLand Corporation, an application service provider targeting small to mid-sized service companies. Mr. Kim latter sold SolutionLand Corporation to Transnational Computer Technology and joined the company. Prior to this, Mr. Kim served as Director in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s Corporate Strategic Planning Group, responsible for new business incubation and corporate investment. Mr. Kim received a B.A. in Biochemistry and Economics from UC Berkeley, a B.A. in Biology from Seoul National University in Korea and a M.B.A. from UC Berkeley, The Haas School of Business.