MAT offers three software products based on two innovative technologies.


Ephphatha Studio


Ephphatha provides developers with one simple object model to access applications.  It creates programmatic access to proprietary applications WITHOUT requiring source code access, so developers can reuse functionality and data from existing applications.  With Ephphatha Studio, you can do followings easily:


1. Application Integration: Exchange data & functionality between two or more applications

2. Web Services: Expose data and functionality as Web services

3. Composite Applications: Create unified view of data within a single interface

4. Web-enable Existing Applications: Convert existing applications into web applications

5. Automation of Routine User Activities: Drive application behavior for data input and aggregation
6. Data Access: Leverage the universal adapter/connector to multiple applications
7. Extension of Enterprise Applications: Deliver apps to new platforms & devices (Web & wireless)
8. Application Enhancements: Create new front ends for existing applications


Don't take our word for it - put it to work solving some of your development challenges. Download the free evaluation version.