MAT offers three software products based on two innovative technologies.




Cascadia is a full-featured framework for development and management of network-efficient mobile agent applications for accessing information anytime, anywhere and on any device supporting Java. With Cascadia, applications:


- Process data at the data source
- Process data even if the user is disconnected from the network
- Access and deliver information across multiple networks (LANs, Intranets and Internet)
- Use wire-line or wireless communication
- Support multiple client devices, such as Desktop Computers, PDAs, Notebook Computers, and Smart Phones


Today's competitive business environment demands that information be available anytime, anywhere, and independent of specific computing or communication devices. Mobile workers may be working from their home, moving around an office campus environment, or on the road. They may use notebook computers at the home, desktop machines at the office, PDAs on the road, and Smart Phones in the car. Information accessibility is more than just the right connection, it means that information is obtained through:


- Decisions Based on Intermediate Steps and Multiple Tasks
- Access to Multiple Databases or Multiple LANs
- Execution of Applications


It may take you minutes, hours, or even days to access, process, and deliver that information. How often have you heard or said: "I'll have to call my office to see if someone can access that file to get the answer for you"? You need access to your office LANs regardless of the computing device, communication system, or network, to provide and deliver information that fast forwards your business to success. Information is of little value if it is not timely.

Cascadia-enabled applications perform data access, decision execution, and notification; providing you the information and answers you need, when and where you need them.