The Business Opportunity


MAT is launching connectAgent a mobile agent technology based product for integrating multi-enterprise applications. Leveraging work done in labs in the USA and Japan that has resulted in Java-based products already in use worldwide, connectAgent uses mobile agent technology to enable applications, or mobile users, to be easily integrated across the Internet.
connectAgent provides a robust and easily implemented Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution to product companies and integrators with the following benefits:


- Single Enterprise or Business-to-Business Integration - enables integration between applications operated by multiple enterprises.
- Single Enterprise or Business-to-Business Integration - enables integration between applications operated by multiple enterprises.
- Secure Integration - agents carry digital signatures and can be fully encrypted.
- Easy Implementation - can be integrated into any environment with minimal disruption and cost.
- Disconnected Computing - mobile agent technology does not require persistent network connections.


Partnering is Critical to MAT's Business Model


Partnering is at the core of MAT's product development and sales plans. We seek relationships with integrators and product companies who recognize the huge potential for mobile agent based solutions and who are prepared to invest significant time and resources in this technology.


Charter Partner Program


To facilitate such relationships, MAT is pleased to announce the connectAgent Charter Partner Program. This program is targeted at organizations that want to be among the first into this new market space and who are prepared to share the risk and reward of developing this market with Mitsubishi.
We will build strong relationships with:


- Product Partners who will embed connectAgent's mobile technology within their products

- Systems Integration Partners who will position and sell (or support us in selling) connectAgent based solutions to their customers and who will provide development and consulting resources to MAT on an as needed and agreed subcontracting basis. These development resources may be deployed on internal projects within MAT, on product development work, or on customer implementation projects.


Joining the Charter Program


To participate in this program, you must first submit an outline business plan describing:


- Your business, market focus and how you will add-value to the core connectAgent product

- Three prospects to make joint sales calls within thirty days of joining the program.

- Developer and consulting resources that will be trained within sixty days of joining the program.



Once you are accepted into the program and have paid the Charter Program Initiation Fee you will receive:


- A connectAgent Development License

- Eligibility for discount on connectAgent licenses or a referral fee on sales referred to MAT

- Developer Training for two people

- Free Telephone and Email support for your Development system

- Free copies of connectAgent marketing material

- An agreed joint marketing program to launch your partnership with MAT

- Re-marketing of connectAgent extensions that you develop through MAT and other MAT Partners.

- Cross-linking of websites and the right to reference the MAT and the connectAgent brand in your marketing collateral.


For More Information


For more information and for a Charter Partner Program Application Form, please contact: or call 925-258-1000